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Natural Choice Foods is the full-service, 52-weeks-a-year answer to the inventory dilemmas and sustainability requirement faced by food manufacturers. We approach our relationship with suppliers as a collaborative partnership, with the ultimate goal of providing our vendors with solutions.

Fridge RightWith nearly 20 years in the business, we have the experience and expertise you need. We know you value and deserve the best in logistics, traceability, and trust. We can buy large or small quantities; from truckloads to pallets. At Natural Choice Foods we offer fair pricing and bundling as well as immediate product pickup and transportation to our 72,000 square foot storage facilities.

Natural Choice Foods buys a variety of items including closeouts, factory seconds, overruns, insurance claims, liquidations, warehouse damage, close-coded products, and distressed products. We are interested in all retail and food service items including:

  • Refrigerated Products: Deli Meat, Packaged Lunch meat, Dairy Items & Juice.
  • Frozen Products: Beef, Chicken (fully cooked and raw) and Seafood, Dessert Items, Pizzas/Appetizers, Juices, Breakfast Items & Entrees/Dinner Items.
  • Dry Goods: Cereal, Canned Goods, Packaged Snack Foods & more!


We have an extensive distribution network that includes a variety of secondary market customers including discount grocery stores; dollar stores; food banks; restaurants, commissaries, and other foodservice; and small manufacturers. Understanding our vendors’ label sensitivities, and in an effort to better control how their products are distributed, we have opened our third store called DAILY DEALS FOOD OUTLET. We’re proud of this new venture, and given its success, we expect to add more retail outlets soon.

Daily Deals Food Outlet is a new and exciting place for retail customers to buy wholesome food at deeply discounted rates. Our goal is to provide consumers with an exceptionally pleasant shopping experience while offering them brand name foods at low prices. Click here to learn more about Daily Deals.

If you are interested in learning more, or in becoming a vendor, please contact us at 616-248-0603 or send an email to info@naturalchoicefoods.com and a member of our purchasing team will promptly respond. We welcome the opportunity to provide solutions to your inventory issues.